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John Michael Kohler Arts Center



Job Description: The John Michael Kohler Arts Center offers internships for individuals considering or pursuing careers in museum work and related fields. Internships will expose interns to the inner workings of a contemporary arts center and are designed to provide hands-on experience and interaction with professionals, promoting awareness of career opportunities. Candidates may consider internships in several areas of the Arts Center, including: • ARTery • Arts/Industry Studio • Community Arts • Education • Friends of Art (Volunteers) • Human Resources • Marketing Copywriter/Editor • Performing Arts • Resource Center • Special Events Internships • Are between 20-40 hours a week • Are 12 weeks in length • May include nights and weekends • May include a modest stipend or students may arrange academic credit through their school • May include housing.

Qualifications: Vary by position - please visit our website to view more detailed information about each internship available.

Application Instructions: To be considered for an internship, please submit resume and cover letter. Cover letter should include dates applicant is available, what skills, abilities, and experiences the candidate brings to the position, and how the internship relates to candidate’s long term goals.

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Janine Chesebro