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Silver Lake Servant Leaders Are Happy To Lend a Helping Hand

Posted on March 17 2014

Written by Elizabeth Fritsch, Silver Lake College student

During Silver Lake College’s spring break, I was able to volunteer my time with the newly formed Silver Lake Servant Leaders.

The Mother Generose Cahill scholars, under the guidance of art professor Erin LaBonte, formed the Silver Lake Servant Leaders as a way to encourage students, faculty and staff to become more involved in service.

The Silver Lake Servant Leaders draw on the Franciscan values and recognize the most effective way to lead is by putting ourselves at the service of others. The group planned three events during spring break — sorting donations at St. Vincent de Paul, reading to children at the Learning Center of Southfield Townhouses, and sorting donations at the Hope House homeless shelter in preparation for their May rummage sale. (Another group of SLC students spent their spring break in Tennessee repairing houses).

I was able to volunteer at both St. Vincent de Paul and the Hope House and found both experiences to be enjoyable and rewarding. At St. Vincent de Paul, I took clothing donations that were priced by other students and volunteers and put them on the appropriate racks in the store.  At Hope House, I helped organize and box clothing donations.

I have done a lot of volunteer work in the past and have found that volunteering makes me a more joyful and thankful person. I believe we often fail to realize the potential we have to improve our community and enact change.

One woman who volunteers regularly at St. Vincent de Paul told another student that we priced and sorted more donations in one afternoon than they regularly get through in a week.  Volunteering has helped me to realize the impact an individual or group can make. We are blessed to have so many wonderful organizations in Manitowoc Country dedicated to improving our community and the lives of those who live here.

It has been a privilege to volunteer my time with some of these organizations, and I hope you consider giving some of your time and talents back to the community. Together, we can all be servant leaders!