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Silver Lake College Announces Award Recipients

Posted on April 23 2014

Silver Lake College held its 2014 Awards Ceremony on Tuesday night at the campus’ new Franciscan Center for Music Education and Performance. Students receiving academic-related awards and scholarships include:

Service Award: Sophia Chin, Courtney Clavers, Sarah Craw, Katherine Crevier, Joel Griffith, Alexandra Grove, Hunter Johnson, Thao King, Brianna Krueger, Amanda Kudick, Marissa Leschke, Kryssa Luckow, Jessica Martinez, Rose Neumeyer, Abigail Rieth, Kortney Reissman, Jessica Pipkin and Renee Troullier.

The Novice literary magazine: Sophia Chin, Libby Spencer, Courtney Dekanich, Elizabeth Fritsch, Christina Jinsky and Michael Peeters.

Outstanding Advancement Student Volunteers: Max Ver Voort and Hunter Johnson.

Mother Generose Cahill Scholarship: Anna Hall

Sister Orestes Kohlbeck Scholarship: Rachel Thomas

Founders’ Honors Scholarships: Angela Dvorak and Lydia Mathews

Trustees Honors Scholarships: Danielle Byrum, Emily Biese and Brieanne Lippert.

USCAA National All-Academic Team: John Blattner, Taylor VandenPlas, Kim Voelker, Mary Bettag, Sophia Chin, Courtney Clavers and Kevin Ramirez.

Excellence in Teamwork Award: Max Ver Voort, Joel Griffith, Shaughn Van Ginkel, Meghan Hildebrant, Amanda Kudick and Hunter Johnson.

Freddy Award: Robert Pauly, Mary Bettag and Alonzo Kelly (faculty member).

Graduation Honors, Cum Laude: Rebecca Heyduk, Sister Maria Dim, Gail Eichhorn, Patricia Verbrick and Jessica Hill-Jorgenson.

Graduation Honors, Magna Cum Laude: Terri Skrzypcak, Katrina Krupski, Amanda Peterson, Brenda Skabroud, Kelsey Riesterer and Cassie Hebert.

Graduation Honors, Summa Cum Laude: Adam Hanke, Elizabeth Fritsch, Maria McClain, Rani Steeber-Beckner, Michele Pierrard, Brittany Shimek, Meggan Clark and John Blattner.