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On Fire But Not Consumed

Posted by Craig Krueger on March 05 2013

Reflection for Week 4 of Lent
By Craig Krueger
Class of 2015, Theology & Psychology

This reading from Exodus (3:1-8A, 13-15) tells us of God calling Moses to be a leader of the Israelites. Moses is given the job of leading his people out of exile in Egypt. This may seem like a daunting task at first, but after some hesitation, Moses agrees to take on this task that God is calling him to do.

The reading makes us question our own calling in life. We may be afraid of what God is calling us to do in life, but God is calling us to action. We must be willing to become the answer to what we are praying for in our community. God proclaims "I have witnessed the affliction of my people". We must remember when responding to our own call in life that God will always be with us. The bush is on fire in the beginning of the reading, but it is not consumed. We also may go through trials, but God will carry us through with His grace. This will cause the world to look towards us, just as the burning bush caused Moses to take a closer look.

The church, and by extension each one of us, must face the same question that Moses did. Will we do what God is calling us to or will we be too afraid to follow God's will? In choosing to follow God's will, we then become like the burning bush in Exodus. The burning bush reminds Moses of God's presence, and through our own call to live a holy life, we remind the world of God's presence. This lent each of us is challenged to grow in faith and holiness, but this isn't just for our own good. Our lives are a reflection of God's work in our life. This lent as we come closer to God, we will also bring the world closer to God.