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FSCC Founders' Day Remembrance

Posted by Sr. Mardelle Meinholz, Silver Lake College Director of Mission on November 07 2013

For 144 years the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity have dedicated themselves to the love of God and service to the People of God.  On November 9, 1869, five young Catholic women in rural Wisconsin responded to the inner call to give all to their Lord, Jesus Christ and to serve the needs of this pioneer land. Today the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity continue to strive whole-heartedly to live the spirit of their foundresses.  The 21st century may present challenges which appear different from those the founding Sisters had experienced. However, the Sisters’ response is the same: “to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, living in obedience, in poverty and in chastity.”

Founders’ Day is on Saturday this year. In the past we have remembered this celebration with a recommitment prayer service in the College chapel and the sharing of the “Motherhouse’s Saturday Coffeecake.” I know it is Saturday.

I would invite you to our Motherhouse, but I think we might run out of the coffeecake! We will resume next year.

Blessings upon all,

Sister Mardelle Meinholz
Director of Mission