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Alternative Spring Break Service Trip

Posted by Randy Ammerman, Logistical Coordinator on February 11 2013

Alternative Spring Break Mission

We are less than three weeks from departure to Joplin, MO on a mission to assist victims of the deadly tornado which occurred on Sunday May 22, 2011.  During that tragic and devastating event in Joplin, 7,000 homes were destroyed, 850 homes were damaged, and 160 people lost their lives.  In all, 75% of the City of Joplin sustained damage.  Recovery from a catastrophic event such as this takes years to accomplish. Some of the damage may never be corrected. 

So, a group of mission minded people from Silver Lake College of the Holy Family and Grace Congregational United Church of Christ will embark on a week-long trip to Joplin, MO to help victims of the storm rebuild their lives and their homes. For the participating students, staff, and faculty members of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, this effort will be their break from classes, studies or work. For the members of Grace Congregational United Church of Christ who will be participating as team leaders and mentors, this will be a mission and outreach opportunity. All of those traveling to Joplin are doing so for one purpose - we will look to the interest of others.

The mission group consists of twenty-four (24) members.  Those from Silver Lake College of the Holy Family are:  students Kortney Reissman, Kathy Van Sleet, Sarah Craw, Kenzie Lambert, Kryssa Luckow, Taylor VanPlas, Erika Cashman, Carly Pope, Kim Voelker, Abigail Rieth, Samantha Deeley, Celeste Orheim, Craig Krueger, Randy Grunweller, Chris Jason; Associate Art Professor Erin LaBonte, Director of Residence Life Jessica Ehmler, and Director of Campus Ministry Tommy Nelson. The group from Grace Congregational United Church of Christ includes: Ric Heuer, Larry Peterson, Tom Rysticken, Bernie Reed, Jeff Harding and Randy Ammerman (who is also Safety and Security Manager for SLC).

On Saturday March 2, the group will depart from Silver Lake College for St. Louis, MO where we will stop at the “Old Cathedral” for an opportunity to attend Mass. They will then travel Sullivan, MO and stay overnight.  On Sunday March 3, the group will continue on to Joplin. The base of operations for the week will be the South Joplin Christian Church, located at 1901 Pearl Avenue, Joplin, MO. Group accommodations, including cooking facilities, are located here. The mission group will be working under the direction of the “Disciples Home Missions – Joplin Disaster Recovery”  to aid in the re-building of the community. We will participate in the project from March 4 through March 8 and return home on March 9.

Members of the Silver Lake College Community are invited to join us for a brief “send-off ceremony” at noon on Friday, March 1 in the College chapel. You are invited to participate in this mission by joining the travelers in asking God for the strength that will be necessary to complete the tasks that lie ahead.