Title III: Team Members


To achieve the identified goals and objectives, the following Title III team has been assembled and is now working toward providing the necessary services that will assure that the students of Silver Lake College can succeed and that academic excellence can continue to be the foundation upon which the College was built.

Joe Putman
Director of Information Technology
Provides all services related to identifying, purchasing, installing project related technology and organizing technology training as part of current job duties; Serves on Title III Strategy Team.

Sr. Carmen Marie Diaz
Director of Professional Development
Leads faculty and staff development committee; Assists personnel with planning and preparing professional development activities; Designs and leads training evaluation processes; Notifies personnel of training opportunities; Assists with sabbatical requests; Liaison with universities to set up on site doctoral courses; Serves on Title III Strategy Team.

Nancy Sim
Director of Learning Assessment
Directs faculty members in identifying learning outcomes and competency completion benchmarks; Analyzes and reports on learning outcomes College-wide; Leads faculty in design, implementation, pilot-testing, and refining of liberal arts competency assessment; Serves on the Title III Strategy Team.

Jan Algozine
Director of Experiential Learning

Works with individual students in selecting experiential learning setting, oversees experiential placements, notifies College of experiential learning opportunities; Works with faculty members to set up “externship” placements; Serves on Title III Strategy Team 

Administrative Assistant
Record-keeping, assists with data collection and retrieval, assist Strategy Team Leaders with correspondence, filing, and other office-related tasks; provides support services for Director of Institutional Research and Title III Coordinator; reports to Title III Coordinator.