Title III: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the abstract (short summary) of the Silver Lake College Title III Grant?

Silver Lake College (SLC) is a four-year, co-educational liberal arts college founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. The campus is located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin which is on Lake Michigan, 90 miles north of Milwaukee. SLC offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 15 majors and a Bachelor of Business Administration in two majors. The College also offers Master of Arts degrees in Education and Special Education, a Master of Music degree in Music, and a Master of Science degree in Management and Organizational Behavior.

The total Title III, Part A Strengthening Institutions grant request is $1,998,613 over five years for the following activity: Increasing the integration of the liberal arts and professional studies.

The goals and objectives of the activity come directly from four of the College's five strategic initiatives and the strategic plan. The four goals the project will address are:

  1. the College will fully develop and clearly articulate the concept of an integrated curriculum to its internal and external constituencies where the liberal arts and professional studies can thrive together as the heart of the academic enterprise;
  2. the College will commit to placing the right people in the right positions to best carry out the mission and vision;
  3. the College will create a culture that makes service to students a priority; and,
  4. the College will grow in enrollment and in financial resources.

The implementation strategies to achieve the goals and objectives are 1) to strengthen the informational technology infrastructure and implement an IT system that supports the College's growth and expansion; 2) to institutionalize a comprehensive professional development model that prepares all College personnel for 21st Century IT and instructional technology; 3) to create a liberal arts competency assessment system that measures where and when the College's liberal arts competency are integrated into learning 4) to create an institutional research system that analyzes and applies data to planning, budgeting, and responds to future educational needs learners; and, 5) to institutionalize an experiential learning system that enables every student to have access to an experiential learning opportunity and faculty to have access to an externship opportunity to apply discipline-related theory to practical applications.

End-of-project performance measures that will show:

  • The College has increased its enrollment of disadvantaged students
  • The College has expanded its services to retain and graduate disadvantaged students
  • The College has increased the number of disadvantaged students graduating within six years of initial enrollment
  • The College has increased the number professional credentials of full-time personnel
  • The College operates within an IT system that is fully supported and integrates the academic and administrative functions of the College
  • The College has deployed a comprehensive institutional effectiveness assessment system that generates data and other information that informs all plans, actions, and goals of the College
What are the SLC Objectives for the Title III Grant? **
  1. SLC full-time faculty members will be trained in methods to specifically assess the linkage of the liberal arts competencies to professional studies.
  2. The College will increase the number of offerings and participation in mission-related curricular and co-curricular activities by students, faculty and staff.
  3. Each year, faculty and students will increase their use of technology for in-class and out-of-class learning supporting the linkage of the liberal arts to professional studies.
  4. Silver Lake will evaluate students in a new system assessing liberal arts competencies.
  5. The College will expand experiential learning opportunities supporting the undergraduate need to apply and assess what they have learned in class.
  6. Silver Lake College will increase the professional development fund to improve performance of faculty and staff.
  7. The College will identify 1 key administrative process each year to review and refine for efficiency and effectiveness with correlation to technology.
  8. Silver Lake College will identify 1 key student-centered process each year to review and refine for efficiency and effectiveness with correlation to technology.
  9. The College will analyze its operations for efficiency and effectiveness of service to all students.
  10. Silver Lake College will ambitiously, but realistically, based on current demographic and other indicators, increase enrollment to underserved constituencies
  11. The College will develop a retention plan to increase the freshman to sophomore retention rate
  12. Silver Lake College will increase its 4-6 year graduation rate