Community Service & Career Opportunities

Community Service

Courses offer students opportunities to integrate theory and practice by volunteer participation in community programs for persons with disabilities. Many students choose to extend their service to area communities as companions to persons with disabilities and tutors for children. Others choose to help with Special Olympics, join service organizations or help staff summer camps.

During special education course work students serve the community while enhancing their assessment and teaching skills through hands-on experience in the Special Education Clinic. The clinic has served the area community and has provided service opportunities to students in the Special Education program at SLC for many years.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Silver Lake College's special education programs are well recognized as quality teachers by professionals in the field. Graduates have a 99% employment rate immediately after graduation and a 100% employment rate within the first year.

Special Education teachers meet the needs of heterogeneous populations in both school and community settings. Available career options include teaching in public/private school settings (Early Childhood through grade 12), or working (consulting, facilitating, managerial positions) in community agencies and private facilities which serve exceptional people in birth to three and post school programs.