Careers in Art


Today more than ever, creative thinking skills are valued in the workplace. Books like A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, by Daniel Pink, emphasizes the value of creative thinkers to a wide variety of professions. Fine art students at Silver Lake College learn creative approaches to problem-solving and how to develop a project from conceptualization through completion. They are encouraged to generate ideas, set up complex visual problems and discover resources that will best assist them in solving those problems. Through group critiques, they learn to evaluate areas with potential for growth in their own work, as well as the work of their peers. Critiques also teach students how to guide peers through constructive feedback. These skills give art students an advantage in a fast-paced, ever-changing professional world that demands adaptability, focus, creativity, and the ability see the bigger picture.

Careers in the art field vary considerably. As we have stated, Silver Lake College hasĀ  a very high placement rate for art education graduates. Art teachers who began their career in the 1970's will begin to retire soon, creating more job openings in the art education field. This will be a very good field to consider as you begin college.

The communication graphics field of art is also a good consideration for employment. You must be a person who can utilize computers, be creative, work fast and like to design. People in this field are hired in advertising agencies, sign, photo and silk-screen companies, as free lance and web page designers, cartoonist and book illustrators. Employment opportunities in these areas are opening up in the Manitowoc and surrounding areas as more companies acquire computers for design and need artists to promote their companies through the internet, and other forms of marketing.

People interested in making a living as studio artists have a challenge in this present day. It is difficult to make a living as a studio artist without another form of income. But the arts are humanizing and society needs visual artists today to make this world a better place for all. This field is recommended for those people with great creativity and perseverance. They must want to create art, not for commercial purposes, but for inspiration, to awaken social consciousness, for the sake of beauty and truth.

Placements for Art Education Graduates*

  • Roncalli High School, Manitowoc/Two Rivers
  • Manitowoc Catholic School System
  • Manitowoc Public School District
  • Green Bay Public School District
  • Sheboygan Public School District
  • Fond du Lac Public School District
  • Two Rivers Catholic School System
  • Reedsville Public School District
  • Peshtigo Public School District
  • Pembine Public School District
  • Milwaukee Public School District
  • Denver Colorado Public School District

* Cited from the 2006 Employment Report, based on a survey of Silver Lake College Graduates six months after graduation.

Placements for Studio Art Graduates*

  • Arts Unlimited, New Holstein
  • Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc
  • Contemporary Inc., Manitowoc
  • Rahr-West Art Museum, Manitowoc
  • WoodLife, Manitowoc
  • Horizon Productions, Inc., Manitowoc
  • Orde Advertising Company, Green Bay
  • ShopKo, Green Bay
  • Towsley's Inc., Manitowoc
  • WaterCare, Manitowoc
  • Wisconsin Public Service, Green Bay
  • Elder Care, Sturgeon Bay
  • Tri County News, Kiel
  • GSP Marketing Inc. Tampa. Florida

* Cited from the 2006 Employment Report, based on a survey of Silver Lake College Graduates six months after graduation.