Educational Studies

Desire to be a role model for others through a career in teaching?  Develop your skills and confidence in a teacher education program that focuses on educating professionals for all learners.  Rooted in a Franciscan vision that foster mutuality, equality and respect for all learners, the Teacher Education Program at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family strives to prepare effective teachers through a competency-based curriculum.  The core competencies are aligned with the Silver Lake College Teacher Standards and the Wisconsin Teacher Standards.  If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, choose an enriching college experience in the Teacher Education Program at Silver Lake College.

Silver Lake College prepares future teachers to use technology in order to enhance and expedite communication in the teaching and learning process.  Emphasis on “all learners” refers to a commitment to prepare teacher candidates to meet competencies that enable them to address the needs of students in today’s diverse PK-12 educational settings.  Built on the foundation of the liberal arts, the teacher education curriculum fosters self-directed learning and reflective inquiry that prepares leaders who serve others and act as change agents in education.  The program promotes the acquisition and integration of knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to assume a career as an educator of diverse learners in a global society.

Enjoy the rewards of lighting up the eyes of a child and developing the faith of a successful learner in one of the developmental stages of:

  • Early Childhood: birth-age 8
  • Early Childhood-Middle Childhood: birth-age 11
  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence: ages 6-13
  • Early Adolescence-Adolescence: ages 10-21
  • Early Childhood-Adolescence: birth-age 21 (Art and Music only)
  • Middle Childhood-Adolescence: ages 6-21 (Visual Impairment only)

In addition to respective certifications, Silver Lake College candidates receive Adaptive Education certification.

 Pursue a teacher education program at Silver Lake College for the opportunity of lifelong learning and success in a career that makes a world of difference.