Capital Campaign

Case Statement

Imagining the College of Tomorrow

For over 140 years, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity have looked to the future as they imagined the needs of the community and how they could fulfill those needs. The leadership of the Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Board is looking to the future and imagining what an expanded campus would mean to the students, faculty and community. In their planning, they have addressed all the components of expansion and how that growth will bring greater opportunities to the student body, faculty and our communities. Their creative thinking is enabling significant changes that are transforming the look and feel of Silver Lake College into a vibrant, active and dynamic campus.

The Imagine. Build. Connect. Campaign is designed to address three initiatives in Phase I of a 10-year, multimillion-dollar master plan, which includes a Residence Hall, a Music Education and Performance Center and an Events Center.

Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of Our Students

Building the Needed Facilities

  1. Provide a Student Housing Facility
  2. Create a World-Class Music Education and Performance Center
  3. Construct a Student-Focused Events Center

Increasing Outreach Opportunities

Connecting to Our Communities and Our Future

Silver Lake College has built a reputation by preparing students for careers and lives of service. Today, even as the College brings a whole new dimension to college life through on-campus living, greater connections will abound for students as they are offered increased opportunities to participate in community events, meet regularly with mentors and connect to industry leaders throughout the state and region. In addition, our communities will enjoy the opportunity for greater connections to Silver Lake College by attending student events, concerts, guest lectures, athletic events, or professional conferences held on campus.

The Imagine. Build. Connect. Campaign will not only serve our students, but also a wider community of learners, a community built on Franciscan values and firmly based in the principles of a Liberal Arts education. Silver Lake College of the Holy Family will be a center of life-long learning, intent upon developing mind, body, and spirit the Franciscan Way.

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