MS-MOD Overview

Features and Goals of the Program

Program Goals

Upon successful completion of all graduate MS-MOD coursework:
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of organizations as complex systems operating in a rapidly changing global economy.
  • Students will apply analytical skills in finance, accounting, marketing, research methodology, management for problem solving and decision making in a variety of organizational settings.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills necessary for leadership in their field.
  • Students will identify the interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to build and maintain professional relationships in an increasingly diverse workforce.
  • Students will analyze organizational situations where personal and professional ethical dilemmas occur and formulate strategies for dealing with them.
  • Students will develop and articulate a personal philosophy of leadership.

Key Features

  • Completion possible in 26 months
  • Classes meet once per week
  • Evening and periodic Saturday classes
  • Interactive class discussions
  • Shared business experiences and practices
  • Application of theory to practice
  • Convenient locations to minimize travel time or attend classes online
  • Optional thesis