Administrator Leadership Licensure Only Program

Candidates who already hold a Master's Degree may work for Licensure without completing a second degree.

Basic Guidelines:

Since candidate programs are individualized, the past experiences and the licensure requirements for candidates are individually evaluated and a specific program of study is designed to complement the candidate's previous graduate work and meet the program and licensure competencies. This is developed with input from the candidate.

Candidates complete the general program completion requirements and the licensure only requirements.

Candidates who also hold a current Wisconsin School Administrator License, issued under the PI 34 guidelines, may opt for a more limited add-on program.

Prior to being recommended for certification, candidates must demonstrate competencies in all areas required for licensing in accordance with applicable state standards. This includes demonstration of competencies that were acquired through work prior to acceptance in the program.

Implementing Procedures:

Candidate completes a self-assessment on the required issues of each competency, using the survey form that is linked from each competency page on this web site. The assessment instrument allows candidates to assess both experiential and academic learning.

Silver Lake Coordinator evaluates the work presented against the program licensing competencies and informs the candidate as to what work is accepted and what work must be completed for licensing.

The Candidate and Coordinator agree on this "Individual Education Plan" for meeting all licensing requirements based on at least the following considerations.

  • Recent (within the last 5 years) graduate study taken at other recognized institutions;
  • Documented learning from past related experiences (job related and otherwise)
  • Demonstration of competence as mutually negotiated between the advisor and candidate.

Candidate applies for admission to Silver Lake College.

Individualized program completion

Candidate will proceed through competency mastery for all remaining competencies for required licensing within the framework of all MAE-AL program components.

Competency mastery is approved by the Competency Mentor.