Administrator Leadership Core Competencies

Knowledge Base

  1. Leadership (EDU 610): Servant Leadership, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Delegation, Orchestration, Leadership, Planning, Change
  2. Decision Making (EDU 611): Involvement, Ownership, Empowerment, Reflection
  3. School Law (EDU 628): Legal Responsibilities, Teacher Liability, Church/state Issues, Ethical Issues, Due Process, Diversity Issues
  4. Facilities (EDU 613): Sites, Buildings, Materials, Technology, Coordination with Community, Relation to Learning
  5. Human Resources (EDU 614): Recruitment, Staffing, Supervision, Evaluation, Staff Development, Advocacy
  6. Curriculum and Instruction (EDU 635): Curriculum and instruction issues with a focus on basic principles of curriculum and instruction and their application in planning and in classroom practice
  7. Administration of Curriculum and Instruction (EDU 636): Curriculum and instruction issues with a focus on school-wide and professional administration and supervision of curriculum and instruction. Includes special focus on meeting the needs of all learners.
  8. Finance (EDU 617): Governance, Sources, Allocation, Budgeting, Accountability, Taxation, Business supervision
  9. School Community Relations (EDU 632): School as Community, Interpersonal Relations, Family and Community Issues, Diversity Acceptance and Respect
  10. Research (EDU 619): Types, Interpretation, Use of results, Program Evaluation