Administrator Leadership Assessment

Since our Administrator Leadership Program is competency based, it is only fitting to recognize that applicants entering the program already having some degree of related competence, through both academic and experiential learning. For this reason we

  • ask prospective students to complete self-assessments on the Core Competencies
  • work with the prospective student to develop a program of learning which complements their prior learning
  • guide students in developing a "prior learning" section in their portfolio which documents that learning

An added bonus for you as a prospective student is that through doing the self-assessments you get a detailed preview of the knowledge content aspect of the program.

Self-Assessment on each SLC Core Competency should be completed when you enroll in the program. Doing this serves a two-fold purpose:

  1. establish a base line of your knowledge and skills,
  2. provide a detailed "preview" of the academic and practice content of the program.

In addition, for licensure only candidates your self-assessment on the Core Competencies, along with your transcripts provides important data for designing your individualized program. Including good rationale for your assessments provides important help in determining a program of study which complements and builds on your present knowledge and experience.

Prior learning must be documented in the "Prior Learning" section of your portfolio. As you complete the self-assessment it would be good to begin a list of artifacts you will use to verify your knowledge and experience.