Graduate Education Workshop Series

New Perspectives on Education

A Three-Evening Workshop Series

Tackling what is behind and beyond standards, PBIS and RTI – a more complete approach to standards-based teaching.

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family presents three impactful evening sessions from 5:00 to 8:00 PM in a location near you.

Cost is $190 for one graduate credit (for eligible participants who attend all three sessions), or FREE without credit.

Don’t delay! Ensure space availability by pre-registering using the form below.

Workshop Topics


Poverty – the Great Discriminator

Session Outcomes 

Quiz yourself: do you have the skills to survive in poverty?

  •  Experience via simulation what poverty looks and feels like
  •  Discover how poverty influences our assumptions
  •  Examine what being poor does to kids’ brains
  •  Acquire five classroom success factors

Read about a recent poverty simulation exercise for Little Chute public school teachers


Creating Community – the Foundation for Positive Interventions

Session Outcomes

  • Explore how to transform your classroom into a community of learners
  •  Identify how your learners can provide positive support for one another
  • Discover how to increase
      → Student engagement
      → Time on task
      → Effective group work
      → Assignment completion
      → Listening skills
  • And how to decrease
      → Bullying
      → Inattentiveness
      → Unpreparedness
      → Tattling
      → Cliques


Strength-Based Teaching – Don’t Wait for the Deficits to Grow

Session Outcomes

  • Examine the difference between a strength-based and a deficit approach to teaching
  • Identify how you already use the six key ingredients for learning
  • Data is important, but learn to ask the right questions: six essential questions that matter most
  • Embrace strategies that build on student strengths
       → Multiple intelligences
       → Brain-based learning techniques
       → Constructivism
       → Problem-based learning



    March 4, 5, 6, 2013 (CANCELLED)

    April 2, 3, 4, 2013

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