Parking on Campus


Policy Statement:

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family will maintain a regulated parking system for the authorized use of College owned parking facilities.


Parking on Silver Lake College property is regulated in order to maintain Campus security, to allow Security and Plant Services to identify vehicles, and to contact vehicle owners when necessary.  Regulated parking on Silver Lake College property is enacted under the authority of Wisconsin Statute 346.55(4):

“Owners or lessees of public or private property may permit parking by certain persons and limit, restrict or prohibit parking as to other persons if the owner posts a sign on the property indicating for whom parking is permitted, limited, restricted or prohibited.  No person may leave or park any motor vehicle on public or private property contrary to a sign posted thereon.”

Persons affiliated with the College, other than guests, who use parking facilities for attending classes, residency, or employment are required to obtain a Silver Lake College Parking Permit.

Parking permits are divided into three categories: Faculty/Staff (blue), Commuter Student (green), and Resident Student (red).

A Parking Permit application form must be filled out and submitted to the Silver Lake College Business Office (Room 203) prior to the issuance of any parking permit.  Persons who use multiple vehicles may obtain a permit for each vehicle.  There will be no fee for the issuance of a parking permit.

Overnight guest parking requires notification of the Office of Student Life, or the Security Office.  Information that must be provided includes: make and color of vehicle, license plate number, owner’s name, and the campus resident or employee host contact information.

Temporary parking permits may be issued for special events, or activities that require overnight or long term parking on College property.  A temporary parking permit system will be coordinated through the Office of Safety and Security and the College Department sponsoring the event.

Following issuance, a parking permit must be suspended from the interior rearview mirror, or placed on the dash in front of the steering wheel, with the text visible to the outside.

The following offenses may be settled by payment of forfeiture to the Silver Lake College Business Office:

  • Failure to properly display Parking Permit.
  • Parking in a posted no parking zone.
  • Parking in a restricted area posted with signs.
  • Student or employee parking in a space posted for Guest Parking.
  • Unregistered overnight guest parking.
  • Parking in a loading zone.
  • Parking within 10’ of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking on a crosswalk.
  • Improper parking in designated parking spaces.
  • Parking on a sidewalk area.
  • Parking too close to another vehicle.
  • Unauthorized temporary parking

The penalty for violating parking regulations will be as follows:

  1. The first offense may result in the issuance of a Silver Lake College Parking Warning Notice.
  2. A second or subsequent offense, within a 12-month period, may result in the issuance of a Silver Lake College Parking Citation.  The penalty is a $15 forfeiture, payable to the Silver Lake College Business Office, if paid within seven (7) days of the offense.  After seven (7) days the forfeiture shall be increased to $30; and, after fourteen (14) days the forfeiture shall be increased to $45.
  3. Illegal parking in a “handicap parking” space will result in enforcement action by local law enforcement authorities.
  4. Emergency or unusual parking procedures, restrictions or limitations will be promulgated by the SLC Director of Facilities.
  5. SLC security staff members and Federal Work Study students working under the authority of the College are authorized to issue warning notices, as well as Silver Lake College Parking Citations.